Friday, December 2, 2016

What are you saying YES to today?

It’s as easy as that. With each choice. Each and every choice you are saying yes to something. Each and Everytime. Will it be to be on time by getting out of bed on time or hitting that snooze….or oops you turned the whole damn alarm clock off and said yes to sleep. Precious sleep - I miss you. Yes Sleep. Yes rush to get the kids on the bus.

Exercise = Yes Health
Cookies = Yes Fat
Smile = Yes Happiness
Work = Yes Money
Avoid = Yes Isolation

Yesterday I said yes to health and fat all on the same day. Exercise and cookie dough. So YES to no progress.  I said yes to being clean, I took a shower. Yes to learning. Yes to connection with my husband, not just sex, I know what your thinking. Your thinking, does she mean sex?. Yes and No do I mean sex. Yes to love. I said yes to regret, did I mention those cookies. Yes to being a supermom, amazing cookies. Yes to responsibility - Quickbooks and I had a few hours together yesterday. Yes to friendship. Yes to God. Yes to vulnerability which lead to tears in front of someone else - yes growth. Yes understanding, why do you believe in that friend when I see it SOOO differently but I love you more than being right. Yes to gum disease, I didn’t floss. Yes.  

What do you want your day, your life, your legacy to look like. It all starts with a YES.

This perspective was inspired by Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.