30 Days to Health Living a.k.a. Clean Eating Challenge

Are you ready for a change?

If you wanted to be your skinniest self and follow the healthiest diet in the world what would you eat?

What if I told you that many supposedly healthy foods could actually be making you sick and fat?

During the 30-day challenge you will receive everything you need to be successful in meeting your health and weight loss goals!

The secrets to weight loss:
       It isn’t calories
       It isn’t fat
       It isn’t protein
       It isn’t’ even carbs

You can count them and cut them all you want.  You might lose weight temporarily but you will not keep it off.

Until you load up on healing foods and supplements and get rid of the foods that cause inflammation, acidity, and blood sugar spikes you are likely to gain and retain weight.

The Challenge

The 30-Day challenge is easy to do.  It is structured where you will eat three meals and two snacks a day.  Because you eat five times a day hunger is minimal.  Plus you’ll receive all of your nutritional needs.

For busy people who are on the go, the challenge is perfect. The supplements are easy to transport.  We call it “healthy fast food”.  All you need to do is remember to take the “healthy fast food” with you!
The 30-day challenge is affordable – about $8/day – and most people consider it cost neutral because you won't be purchasing processed foods, alcohol and sodas. Your will shift your spending.  Also, you will be replacing one to two meals with supplements.  And, the coaching and meal plans are included.

Most people who go on conventional “diets” will fail over time.  Over 85% regain the weight they’ve lost within two years; this is because their focus is wrong – they are trying to “problem solve” being overweight by sheer willpower and self-discipline.  People who do this may reach their weight-loss goal but, as soon as they do, they often go right back to their old eating habits and regain the weight they lost.

With the 30-day challenge your coach will help you change your focus from one of trying to make something go away – excess weight – to one of creating weight loss for a lifetime. During the 30–day challenge, your coach will not only help you get down to your target weight, but also help you learn the lifestyle changes and new habits to stay at a healthy weight and move towards optimal health.

What You Get:

 Private Facebook Support Group!
 Receive daily guidance and information needed to navigate through the 30 day challenge from a clean eating detox coach.  Get support from fellow 30–day clean eaters and your coach!   The encouragement, support and feedback you will get are essential to your success. When it comes to losing weight, two are better than one. Research has revealed that people who lose weight together are more successful than those who do it alone.

Step-by-Step Instructions, Shopping List, Recipes & More!
 You will receive weekly meal plans, shopping lists, food elimination lists, approved snacks list, dirty dozen/clean fifteen lists and more!

Health and Wellness products
 Receive a 30-day supply of health and wellness products! These products are formulated without animal products/by-products, dairy, gluten, soy, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.  They are certified vegan. No GMOs!  We have done a LOT of research to determine the best supplements out there, and these get our full stamp of approval.

Health and Wellness products included in package:

Protein Powders
Digestion aids
Energy drinks
Detox tea
7-day cleanse

Powdered Greens
*Powdered Green for new Preferred Clients

Optional Health and Wellness products:
(The optional products are not included in the 30-day package)

Thermogensis booster
Glucomannan Powder
Nutrition Bars
Antioxidant & Immunity Booster
Daily Power Pack Vitamins for Women and Men

            Success stories

 Meet Gena

58 lbs. lighter!

It's for men too.

                   What Will YOUR Success Story Be?

YOUR success story comes next – whether it’s losing weight, inflammation, or something you can’t even imagine yet.  And you don’t have to have super-human willpower to get there either!  This clean eating detox is designed to be simple, easy-to-follow, and FUN.  All you have to do is commit.  Commit to your health and happiness.  Commit to 30 - days that will change your life!

All for about $8.00 a day!

(tax and shipping not INCLUDED)